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Latest blog entries

World Cancer Day

Since 2006 the 4th of February has been World Cancer Day: More than 300 organisations from 86 countries campaign strongly on this day for the prevention, research and treatment of cancers. We wish to use this day of action as an opportunity to draw attention to the... Read more

Accessible design of showrooms

Any ophthalmic optician who specialises in the low vision field enjoys a greatly expanded circle of customers and is a point of contact for people who are afflicted by severe limitations to their vision. These customers have particular needs in relation to safety a... Read more

Vision training as a task of ophthalmic opticians

Ophthalmic opticians and optometrists are committed to good eyesight ? they advise their customers and provide them with the appropriate vision aids. But a further area of activity is listed in the Work guidelines for ophthalmology and optometry of Germany?s centra... Read more